Email to Mom – April 6, 2015

No, it snowed yesterday.

The pictures of the natural history museum looked sweet! I really would like to go see that! I realized today that I have 7 more Mondays to email you. In 4 Sundays is Mother’s day.

Conference was fantastic. I really like Elder Oak’s talk. He’s a cool guy. I couldn’t believe how frail President Monson looked! It was like he’d aged 20 years! And Elder Packer and Elder Hales! They’re hanging in there like champs! But I think we’ll have quite a few new apostles here in the next few years. Then again, its the will of the Lord, because we’ve been thinking that about Elder Packer for a long time, so whatever he has planned goes.

I have a great story to tell you.

So in our apartment we have a single hot water main that comes up to the third floor. (where we live.) My companion is a little OCD and hates having dirty dishes. If he see’s dishes they have to be cleaned. Now. Unfortunately, because there’s a single water line, the shower will go ice cold if you turn on the hot water.

So this one morning, my companion has a stew pot to clean. (I made some stew the night before, it was good) So he’s cranking the hot water on and off and I’m dodging and playing shower ninja while the water is cold and then trying to shower while its hot. This went on for about 20 minutes. Every thirty seconds or so he’d turn on the water and it’d run for 15-20 seconds and I’d be trying to dodge the icy jet. I was getting pretty tired of this.

At this point, he’s just about done cleaning this pot, so he fills it up, and its a big 2 or 3 gallon pot, with hot water. I dodged for about a minute and a half and… oh I was getting tired of it. I was praying, PRAYING in my head, Heavenly Father, please get him to stop so I can finish showering and start my day.

Keep in mind that our shower is about 2 1/2 feet by 2 1/2 feet so its not large.

Then my companion dumped the pot. We only have one waste water line. So the huge influx of water shoved water up my line. So the shower flooded with bits of food and junk.

Well….. its time to get out. I’m done. God says my shower is over. Let’s go.

It was pretty funny! We bust up every time we think about it.

Elder Siddoway

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