Email to Dad – April 13, 2015

Things are going good. I (and I say ‘I’ for a reason) planned out our branch family home evening for tomorrow, and I’m almost done coordinating everything for a community family history program. Turns out that there used to be a local genealogical society, its been disbanded for like 10-15 years now, but all of their resources are still stored at the local library. Also, very few people here care about God or Christ, but they’re all incredibly interested in family history. Obsessed might be the right word.

And my mission is the epitome of a Potemkin village. Its kinda frustrating.

But while we’re talking about President Uchtdorf’s talk. I know that I get angry at my companion for the innocent mistakes that he makes on an insanely regular basis. I have to ask, what is my ministry? Is it to get the most lessons? Is it to have the most impressive trainings? Is it to be the most effective missionary? No. Its to help and love and serve the people here, and that includes my companion. That means that even though I’m very unhappy with a lot of things he does, I have to love and serve him all the same.

It’s not easy. I still get angry a lot.

I hope I can do better this week.

Elder Siddoway

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