Email to Dad – April 20, 2015

Well. I’m getting used to dealing with other’s crap now. I like giving the trainings, I like working with the areas and being there to support them. That’s really cool. I hate working with the Zone Leaders with a passion.

They do some really dumb stuff.

They’re good guys though, and its not really fair for me to say ‘they’re completely under qualified!,’ even if it is true, because I was too. I had/have a lot to learn, so its okay if they do a terrible job. They’re learning. We all are. And they don’t do a terrible job, they just do things differently than I would.

I really think that consistency is the key. I don’t really feel pressured to get more done, because I’ve always tried to do my best. That doesn’t mean that I’ve always done my best, I fall short of that quite often, but it means that I’ve tried. And I’ve learned, at least a little, about Christ and the Atonement, and what it means to rely on Him and acknowledge Him in everything. And because of what I’ve learned I’m not scared to go home, or scared of the change, its just another phase in life. Another opportunity. All I have to do is turn to the Lord and then try to do my best in whatever circumstances or situations he places me in.

I am, however, very ready to sleep in past 6:29 and to go to bed whenever I want.

Speaking of training though, I had a really fun time preparing this one. I went and found a bunch of obscure objects, and some not so obscure ones. I have a camera, some caliper sets accurate to the 1/1000th of a millimeter! cool! (technically external micrometers , but whatever, close enough) and a carved whale vertebrae. I’m going to present the objects one by one and ask questions about them. What is this? What is it used for? What is it made of? Etc. The camera is obvious. The caliper sets, a little less. That takes a little education to know what those are. The whale bone is just weird. There’s no way anyone will know what it is.

Its the same with us. We can obviously be representatives of Christ, or we can be good people- and if you ask us questions we’ll tell you that we’re here to represent Christ, or we can be completely obscure.

Elder Siddoway

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