Email to Mom – April 20, 2015

I’m pretty good. I’ve gotten upset at my companion a few times. He’s not super confident, he’s a good guy, but he goes into quiet mode and then gets super whiny and awkward. So I’ll usually call him on it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Anyways, even if he drives me insane, which he frequently does, its okay. I only have a few weeks left. That’s the wrong point of view though, really I should be saying I only have a few weeks left to spend on figuring out how to not let that bother me, and learn as much as I can about getting along with others.

I was thinking about my schedule, I had originally wanted to dive right back into school and take a hard semester. Thinking about that, I don’t really want that. I want to get back into the groove of school life, I want a busy semester, not a hard one. So I think that’ll be just perfect. The only think left to work out is employment in Cache Valley. Aurora and I will have to go up a few times before school starts to apply and figure that one out.

I had a roommate that worked as a bank teller, I thought that was a sweet gig. I’d like to apply for that if I could.

It’s been up in the 50’s this last week. (which is hot enough to make me sweat.) Its going to rain this week and by Friday we’re expecting some snow flurries. Maybe a couple inches, but it won’t last. The work is going well. We’re still doing a lot of less active work. We’re always in finding mode. We’re always looking for someone to teach. We’re terrible at finding though. Its hard to get people to talk with us here.

Our most successful venture has been the bible study. We have an hour long study every week. Right now we’re in Acts. This week we’ll be covering the Transfiguration of Stephen. Its a touchy one because we have those deep doctrine members who think that their knowledge is impressive. (its not, a half hour with a bible dictionary and you’ll know just as much as them. 10 minutes on Google will do the same) Anyways, we read from the chapter and its an open discussion. It’s a lot of fun. I personally really enjoy it. We have a few non members come, their friends bring them. Its the way to go.
This last Sunday we had a few members bring their friends to church. They did a fantastic job. I think the sisters are teaching one of them (forgot her name). The second (Kristin) will be moving into our area in a couple months along with her daughter (kayleigh – these eastern spellings), so the Elders will teach them, but that’ll be after I leave.

I think I’m good on money, that said, I have no idea how much is in there. I rarely use the card. (I think I did 3 or 4 weeks ago because my companion’s card wasn’t working, but that’s the last time.)

Hope that’s enough deets

Elder Siddoway

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