Email to Mom – May 4, 2015

…If you can work out an Oregon trip that would be great, I’m more than willing to try taking work off. I’m sure Aurora is invested in being a bridesmaid, and I don’t really want to rock that boat. Pretty much, for me, priority number one is spending time with the family and everything else can get out of the way. And I really like Oregon. That’s like my favorite vacation.

However, I do respect that Alexis is getting married, and that’s a big deal, and she’s asked Aurora to be a part of it, which is also a big deal.

I’ll be calling home. I’ve pretty well accepted that its happening (end of the mission), plus I’m slammed schedule-wise for the next 3 weeks anyways. I don’t really have time to be trunky between meetings, exchanges and the people we meet with. The only days I don’t have significant events on are Saturdays (when we do the most teaching) and the last 3 days before I come home. Brother David White will email you and set up a time. I would try to set up a time, but honestly I’m not going to check my email prior to Sunday so that’s how it is.

I’ll be mailing home a package of winter clothes today.

The East Coast is TERRIBLE. Its also hot in the summer. hahaha, in all actuality though, its pretty humid here already, and I’m pretty far north. (an hour from Canada) Its going to be a hot summer.

Tell E I’m really excited to hear from her, since she doesn’t email. Does she have an email? She has too….. everyone has an email…..

Elder Siddoway

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