Email to Mom – May 11, 2015

Hey there!

It was super nice to talk yesterday. I was pretty quiet myself, the last few days have been long. I’ve been pretty frustrated at least once most days. Plus I wasn’t feeling too good myself, since I had the ham fried rice food poisoning. I’m super excited to come home. But I’m also really sad to leave here. Its bittersweet.

I mailed home a package today with ALL of my thermals and socks and my last pair of pajama pants. I had to kneel on the box to get it to close. It’s awesome! Then I had to tape it like crazy. Hopefully it doesn’t explode in transit.

Tell E not to worry about it. Its okay. I totally understand. We can talk when I get home.

It is super sad not being able to drive. Its also super frustrating.

This next Monday I get to go to the Palmyra Temple. Plus we’ll go tour the visitor center and the Sacred Grove etc. I’m pretty excited. Monday night I’m driving down to Utica and then Tuesday morning we’re going to Palmyra and back, and Wednesday its back up to Saranac Lake. Its crazy, its happening so fast, and at the same time its so slow.

All of the members here are scrambling to find a time to do something before I leave. It feels really nice to know I’ll be missed. I’m going golfing my last Monday, the 25th. We tee off at 9:45 am. It should be quite fun.

I think that Lake Placid has been my favorite area.

I tried gel-ing my hair again this morning, and I finally got some hold. My hair is just barely long enough. But it’s fuzzed out now. It only made it a few hours in the humidity.

Well…. yep.

See you in a few!

Elder Siddoway

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